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When is the next meeting?

Our next meeting will be held on date. See our Join as a guest page for more information on how to come along.

How much does it cost to join?

West London Speakers operates on a non-profit basis. The membership fee covers the cost of: room hire; equipment for the meetings; fees for enrolment, administration and starter manuals (CC and CL) from International Toastmasters. You are requested to join for a minimum period up to the next term-end (in March or September). The fee for six months is £60; for one year is £108. The starter manuals, that are essential, cost an additional £15.

Where does your club meet?

Our club meets at The Hop Poles Pub (upstairs Function Room) 17-19 King Street, Hammersmith, London, W6 9HR. See our location page for directions.

Are there any joining requirements?

All adults are welcome to join. Members are asked to provide contact details: address, email and telephone. These are necessary in order for members to work together and prepare for meetings and for the organisation to send you any manuals. All members are required to be respectful of fellow members following standard professional practice (towards race, sex, religion, orientation etc.), be mindful of confidentiality, and observe the rules of Toastmasters International. Settlement of joining fees is arranged on instruction from the VP Membership or the Treasurer.

Who can join the club?

All adults who wish to improve their confidence and skills in public speaking, and strengthen their leadership.

How do I join the club?

Contact us using the details on the contact page and our Vice President of Membership will be in contact shortly after to sign you up.

Will Toastmasters help me give a best man's speech?

It sure will, several of our members joined as they had a best man's speech and stayed as they can see benefits to club membership.

Will Toastmasters help me at work?

Yes, indeed. Several of our members joined in order to become more confident in addressing groups in the workplace. Some members like to practise PowerPoint presentations as a speech (5 to 7 minutes long), in order to learn how to put together and deliver an effective and interesting presentation. As well as a large video screen and cable for connecting laptops, there is also a flip-chart available at every club meeting.

What happens when I join?

When we receive your joining fee, you are registered with Toastmasters International HQ who will send your manuals by post. You are also registered on the club meeting system where you can view and book your roles for club meetings. A starting mentor is assigned to you to assist in explaining and booking roles. Typically you will do two roles – the Timekeeper and Grammarian – before delivering your ‘ice-breaker’ prepared speech.

When can I start speaking?

You can start speaking, even as a guest, by putting yourself forward for the impromptu Table Topics session at each meeting. As soon as you join, we work together to put you on the programme for your first role as Timekeeper. You can choose to book delivery of your first and subsequent speeches as well.

Is it easy to get a speaking slot on the programme?

To book a prepared speech slot is no problem if you book a month in advance, and even a week ahead is generally achievable. If you do not have a role on the programme, then you can put yourself forward for the impromptu Table Topics session with certainty of participation if you arrive at the meeting early or email the Table Topics Master in advance. Some advanced members consider Table Topics to be the most valuable lesson for learning public speaking.

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